Schools and Universities


Maintaining and promoting healthy and productive learning environments are top priorities for any educational institution.

American Paper & Supply can help you achieve best practices for disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning floors, classrooms, supply rooms, restrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums and locker rooms.

We have access to the leading National IPA cooperative purchasing organization, which can lower your total procurement costs through national pricing without having to spend the time, effort and costs of developing and administering an RFP.

  • Product and procedure recommendations and training support
  • Broad spectrum of hand hygiene products and dispensers to stop the spread of germs, increasing the number of students and teachers in the classrooms.
  • Comprehensive Green Cleaning Program
  • Equipment repair at your location or ours, as well as preventative maintenance programs.
  • Product usage reports by location.
  • Online budgeting controls available by location and product category.

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