Green Cleaning

greencleanAt American Paper & Supply Company, we share our customers’ commitment to providing a clean facility as well as their desire to do so while imposing the least impact on the environment, their employees and tenants, or visitors who might be subjected to the cleaning products being used. This is precisely why we recommend and take a comprehensive approach to green cleaning.

Which is to say that we address both the product and process, because we believe that to simply supply “green” products without the guidance of best practices is to offer an incomplete “green solution”. So, we offer a full array of training curriculums tailored to the needs of our clients. The products we offer are not only first-rate “green-based” products; they are first-rate cleaning products in their own right.

When we consult with clients about “going green”, we remind them that even from an environmental standpoint, there are “shades of green”; and no matter what “shade of green” you are interested in working toward, you can count on us providing the people and expertise to help you achieve those goals.

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