Company Overview

American Paper and Supply Company (APSCo), formally known as American Paper Towel Company, has been in business since 1928 and is strategically located to serve the entire NY/NJ/CT tri-state area from Carlstadt, New Jersey. This 3rd generation family business combines both a deep commitment to traditional values with the progressive vision and ambition of an entrepreneurial organization. APSCo is a full-line janitorial/maintenance supply distributor carrying products that range from paper towels and toilet tissue, to hand soaps/sanitizers, disinfectants/cleaners, plastic bags, mop, buckets, waste receptacles, entrance matting, ice melting compounds and virtually any type of cleaning equipment etc. We also have a lighting division to serve the needs of our customers for literally any type of lamp/bulb/ballast that could possibly be needed. But in addition to selling the lighting products we offer certified lamp disposal programs as well as comprehensive energy-savings audits.

Mission Statement

To offer the highest perceived value, to our diverse customer base, of unique washroom dispensing systems, universal washroom systems as well as a full-line offering of other maintenance and janitorial supplies–and to do this in a way that places APSCo in the vanguard of all maintenance supply distributors (throughout the nation) through extremely high levels of respectful/courteous customer service, competitive prices, on-time deliveries and knowledgeable salespeople.

Our Values

  • Integrity — Doing “the right thing”, every time…for every customer.
  • Respect — Respecting all of the people who we engage with to conduct our daily business operations: our customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Customer Service — Providing truly exceptional customer service means not just doing the “everyday tasks” well but handling the most challenging problems at least as well.
  • Sense of Urgency — APSCo believes that as an organization we must execute the successful completion of all customer-related activities with a true sense of urgency…because our customers expect nothing less.
  • Tech Best — Our belief is that in order to deliver the best to our customers and get the most from our human and capital resources we must utilize/leverage the most progressive technology.
  • Customers — We are acutely aware that our customers are why we are in business and as such are the primary focus of all our activities. Our goal and objective in all we do is to develop the type of relationships with our customers such that they ultimately view us as partners rather than simply “vendors”. The foundation for this type of relationship is based on expertise and ethics that are second to none.
  • Team — The concept of team is critical to the way in which we operate our business at APSCo. All parties who play a role in fulfilling a customer’s order: salesperson, customer service, purchasing, operations, warehouse, delivery, billing etc play a vital role in creating an exceptional customer experience.
  • Environmental Responsibility — To us, being “green” is much more than simply selling a limited assortment of environmentally preferred products. Rather, we believe that the more responsible role is much more holistic and comprehensive and should include the most complete range of third-party-approved green products and training for the proper use of same. In other words, in order to develop a true green housekeeping program both “product and process” need to be addressed and APSCo can develop these types of training programs according to the “shade of green” that our customer aspires to be.

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